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Cooling Tower Services

Cooling Tower Technology carries out Design, Installation, all maintenance works, rebuilds, revamps, repairs, upgrades of existing cooling towers, and supply of spare parts for cooling towers of any type and make. In case of emergencies, we are ready to get your cooling tower operating again in the shortest time. Our team is made of experts trained for repairs and maintenance of all types of cooling towers whether the cooling towers are on-line of off-line. We make sure that the service personnel are highly skilled and experienced. Our specialists are regularly trained in order to extend their expertise. Our Repairs cover all parts of cooling towers which include: Fan Assembly, Motors, Drive shafts, Pulleys, Pumps etc.


We provide a range of cooling towers that are developed to the highest standard and have been proven to last the test of time. Depending on location and Requirement, CTT offers a number of installation offers. We have installed cooling towers of many major manufacturers such as M/S.SPX Cooling Technologies, Paharpur, EVAPCO, SPIG, Nippon etc. Thanks to our passion and hunger for latest innovations, CTT always proposes the most up-to-date and economical solution with optimized equipment and materials.


Whether you have a tower nearing the end of its life cycle, have greater operational needs or have experienced a structural failure, CTT is ready with a range of solutions that can get your operation back online fast. We provide Maintenance and repair of any manufacturer design or model of cooling tower including metal package, Stainless Steel, GI, FRP cooling towers etc. CTT team has the experience to maintain all cooling tower components including:
  • Motors
  • Gear Boxes
  • Fans
  • Bearings
  • Shafts alignment
  • Fan Assembles
  • Spray Pumps
  • Coils
  • Ladders & Handrail kits
  • Nozzles
  • Valves
  • Strainers
  • Inlet Louvers
  • Fills
  • Drift Eliminators
  • Water distribution Systems
  • Other Mechanical fittings. Etc.
Also by expert planning, shutdowns are limited to an absolute minimum.


Cooling Tower Technology is a specialist in upgrading an existing cooling tower. CTT has a design and performance enhancement concept for each and every existing cooling tower that a client wishes to optimize. By upgrading existing cooling tower we optimize and enhance performance directly and significantly help to reduce carbon emissions, power and water consumption. In most cases, upgrades are made possible by the installation of modern, high-performance cooling fills, optimized water distributions and highly efficient fans and drives. For new construction towers, we additionally guarantee the performance after the upgrade.


Keeping cooling towers clean is central to safety and maximizing the operating efficiency and performance of your industrial HVAC cooling systems. Dirty water in your cooling tower fouls chillers, robs heat exchange efficiency and drives up energy costs. Scale ridden fills can also be a biological nightmare. CTT provides pressure washing and cleaning of all interior and exterior components including cold water basins, fill media, hot water decks, nozzles, piping systems, and exterior casing.


CTT strongly recommends that all cooling towers have a routine cleaning and maintenance program in place, to ensure that the towers operate safely, reliably and efficiently at all times. Service agreements can be tailor made to meet client specific requirements both in terms of scope of work involved and frequency of service. Routine maintenance will involve checks and adjustments to all parts of the cooling tower including, fans, belts, pulleys, motors, sprays, drift eliminators, fill, float valves, basin, pipe work, coils, dosing equipment and access arrangements as required. A regular maintenance assured by CTT is a must to:
  • get the most of your maintenance budget
  • guarantee the tower availability by reducing downtime due to equipment failure
  • prolong equipment service life, avoiding new capital investment
  • assure safe operating environment and working conditions


Our engineers will visit your site and perform a thorough inspection of all the interior and exterior components of your cooling tower and provide a detailed inspection report. We can then provide you with a proposal outlining any necessary repairs.